All India Journal of Medical Sciences

Official Journal of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

AIjMS welcomes the following article types:

  • Original Articles
  • Review Articles
  • Case Reports

Original Articles

These scientific reports give results of original research. These should have a structured abstract and should follow the IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion) format (maximum 4000 words including references).

Review Articles

These provide an in-depth review of a specific topic. Authors should preferably be working in and have published papers in the area being reviewed and have sufficient expertise to critically evaluate the relevant literature. Appropriate use of tables and figures is encouraged. Where relevant, key messages and salient features may be provided. Review articles are usually solicited by the Journal, but unsolicited material will also be considered (maximum 4000 words including references).

Case Reports

These are brief reports on one to three salient and rare cases, which may be of benefit to the medical fraternity (maximum 1500 words including references). A case report may include up to 3 tables or figures and 15 to 20 references.

Official Journal of
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur